Oasis International is the continuing Matthew 25:43 and Acts 2 focused ministry of Bishop Avis L. Hill and his wife Hope.  Avis served as Bishop and Senior Pastor of Westgate Tabernacle Church in West Palm Beach from 1995 through his retirement in August of 2011.  Oasis was founded by Avis in 2001 as a ministry and foundation to support poverty ministry or as Avis likes to say ‘Home Missions.’ 

Oasis is involved in day to day hands on outreach ministry to the poor  and homeless in Florida.

For nearly two decades the poor and homeless have been turning to Bishop Hill when no one else would help.  Law enforcement officers, fire fighters, faith community leaders, and the officials of the very governments who have been harassing us, still tell those in need to call 561-856-7077 and see what Avis can do for you.  Oasis supports a transitional housing program for working poor and homeless adults.  Rev. Hill and Hope go out into the woods, under the highways, and the mega store parking lots searching out families and individuals in need.  The Oasis van brings food, clothing, and the caring touch of Christ to those often invisible ‘unsheltered’ Saints. 

Sunday Evening Service are at 6PM at our Okeechobee Blvd location.


As we have every year for the past seventeen years on Thanksgiving, our ministry was out on the streets, and in the woods, and the parks, and underpasses, and parking lots of Palm Beach County bringing a holiday meal to the poor and homeless in our community.  Our hearts particularly goes out to those who used to be sheltered in facilities here that are no longer housing the homeless as well as to the many military veterans we see.  Those who served their country, but their community has forgotten.  We gave food to people we know are mentally ill and are unserved.

As has always been the case, we were getting calls from Palm Beach County agencies asking us where they could get food for people.  It is so telling, we had a ‘social worker’ from an a national corporation that has contracted by the county, calling us to see if we could help get food for an eighteen year old boy, who was taking care of three siblings on his own.  We called back to offer them assistance, but they have not returned our calls.  How many more people could be helped if all of the money paid to these corporations actually went to caring for people, and not to corporate profit or overhead, or dividends to shareholders.

Hope Hill sharing food at Loxahatchee & Westgate Avenues

Bishop Avis Hill sharing food at the shopping center at Okeechobee and Congress.


Oasis International Ministries

Service Sunday Evening at 6PM
Divine Church of God of Prophecy

4047 Okeechobee Blvd - Suite 105
Just North of Okeechobee Blvd before Community Drive.

West Palm Beach, FL 33409-3239

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